Flix N' Chill by XScape | Review

Flix N' Chill by XScape is one of those weed strains in which you don't really know what to expect. XScape (which turns out to be the recreational subsidiary of CannTrust) isn't a very prominent brand where I live, so I've only seen their products on the shelves a couple of times. On top of that, they give virtually no details regarding the genetic lineage of the Flix N' Chill strain, only mentioning that it has hybrid characteristics. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised by Flix N' Chill, and it has become one of my favorite weed strains currently available on the recreational market.

light green bud of Flix 'N Chill Weed Strain with orange pistils spattered throughoutFlix N' Chill by XScape is among some of the top contenders when it comes to bag appeal. Although the dense, light green buds appear to be machine trimmed, they are neat and tidy with no sugar leaves or other undesirable remnants of a lazy trim. The orange pistils blend in well amongst light, almost white patches of dense trichome production. Another nice surprise was the complete lack of popcorn nugs, an uncommon occurrence in today's weed strains available on the Canadian recreational market. 

Flix N' Chill also has a very pleasing odor. Upon sniffing the jar, bright citrus notes become front and center before tapering off into a seductive sweet vanilla scent that reminds one of going through grandma's baking pantry when they were a kid. Unique to this weed strain is the distinct lack of the skunky odor that is typically associated with cannabis. As a result, Flix N' Chill doesn't immediately make its presence known to the room in which it is opened, a fact that users with discretion in mind may want to take into account.
High Res photo of Flix N' Chill Weed Strain trichomes by Xscape

A few puffs on my Healthy Rips Fury 2 Dry Herb Vaporizer revealed a complex, layered flavour that gradually shifted throughout the session. This metamorphic flavour profile kept my taste buds happy and engaged, a feat with which I was markedly impressed. If I had to sum up the flavor in a single word, I think "sweet" would fit the bill. This sweetness, though, began with a delicious citrus quality that gradually slid into an Angel Food cake-ish flavor and was overall an experience that is hard to put into words.

XScape bills this weed strain as hybrid in nature, and my experience with it suggests it's lineage is more sativa leaning. Indica qualities are present, too, but I wouldn't describe Flix N' Chill as well balanced in this regard. The long lasting high was cerebral and euphoric, with a hint of body stone that made the couch appealing, but not necessary. As the experience continues, it becomes profoundly clear why this weed strain was named Flix N' Chill. Its relaxing enough that you want to, well, relax...but the cerebral effects encourage deep thought and stimulate conversation. All of this results in a stone that is great for sitting around with friends, chatting about whatever movie it is you decided to watch for the night.

High Res photo of Flix N' Chill Weed Strain by XscapeIn conclusion, Flix N' Chill is a potent hybrid weed strain that will likely please everybody in one way or another, and will be especially great for stoners with a preference for sativa effects. I see this one as a diamond in the rough...it's just unfamiliar enough that it would be easy to skip over, but if you take the chance and pick it up I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

THC: 21.0%
CBD: 0.04%

Score: 5/5

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