Glacier Freeze (Sour Kush) by Acreage Pharms | Review

Dark green and amber coloured cannabis buds of Glacier Freeze (Sour Kush) weed strain by Acreage Pharms

Glacier Freeze, Acreage Pharms riff on the weed strain Sour Kush, is a sativa-leaning hybrid created by crossing Sour Diesel with OG Kush. When people discuss Sour Kush, it's potent smell is usually one of the recurring themes, something that can be attributed to it's often high terpene levels. As a lover of sativa-leaning hybrids, I was very excited to pick this one up. It's with disappointment that I must say Glacier Freeze was a let down; Acreage Pharms missed the mark on a few of the important characteristics that make this strain so popular.

Dumping out the package revealed several tiny popcorn buds, each predominantlyDark green and amber coloured close-up macro shot of Glacier Freeze (Sour Kush) weed strain by Acreage Pharms dark green with a thick, amber coloured layer of trichomes warmly blanketing the entire surface of the flower. Immediately I felt like I had been swindled...during prohibition, no reputable dealer would have sold these bottom-of-the-bag "buds" at full price. In addition, closer inspection of the Glacier Freeze buds revealed that the trichome heads were not only broken off, but they were also predominantly amber coloured. This suggests that the buds were handled roughly, and that they were likely allowed to over ripen prior to harvest.

For anyone unfamiliar with Sour Kush, it very often emits an overwhelming, room-filling odour of fuel and skunk. This trademark smell is a strong selling point of the flower that virtually markets itself. Acreage Pharms' Glacier Freeze, on the other hand, is almost odourless. And if you are lucky enough to detect some sort of scent, it can best be described as an abhorrent combination of hay and must. Whether this is the result of a poorly scheduled harvest, bad curing, or something else entirely, it's a disappointing fact that consumers should be aware of before deciding on a purchase.

Dark green and amber coloured cannabis buds of Glacier Freeze (Sour Kush) weed strain by Acreage PharmsIf I had purchased Glacier Freeze on the black market, I would have never even tried it out due to fear of getting sick from mold or bacteria. However, because of government regulations that are designed to keep consumers safe, I put my faith in the "system" (perhaps recklessly) and tried it out anyways. The first (and usually most flavourful) pull from my Fury 2 Dry Herb Vaporizer tasted like cheap, processed bread that had been left bagless on the counter top overnight. The flavour improved on subsequent draws, but only because the taste quickly turned to that (usually undesirable) burnt popcorn flavour vaper's are familiar with.

Effects wise, I was expecting a well-rounded high with a small boost of energy from it's slight sativa dominance, but was instead greeted with a brick-to-the-head hit of lethargy and grogginess. I could feel a hint of euphoria trying it's best to push through the unexpected heaviness of the high, and ultimately failing to navigate itself to the surface. Despite the thick cloudiness in my head, I was able to hypothesize that the high was presenting itself this way due to an abundance of CBN, which itself is probably the result of a late harvest. To be fair, the high wasn't terrible, but it's personality was unexpected and more suited to being used as a nightcap or with sleep in mind.

It's hard to say what happened here. Acreage Pharms has put out some really goodDark green and amber coloured cannabis buds of Glacier Freeze (Sour Kush) weed strain by Acreage Pharms products in the past, but my entire experience with Glacier Freeze left me feeling as if something went wrong during the production of this batch. As a result, just about every metric you could use to grade a weed strain is sadly lacking. It's worth checking out some of Acreage Pharms' other offerings, but for now (March 2019), steer clear of Glacier Freeze.

THC: 17.0%
CBD: 0.1%

Score: 1/5

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