Jack Herer by Northern Harvest | Weed Strain Review

Jack Herer cannabis buds grown by Norther Harvest
Named after it's creator (a renowned marijuana activist and author), Jack Herer is a sativa dominant weed strain that typically produces an energetic high along with a profound sense of euphoria. Northern Harvest's take on the famous strain checks off enough boxes to make the purchase worthwhile, however, a poor cure holds this batch back from achieving it's full potential.

Buying legal weed these days always seems like such a gamble. Regulations imposed by the Canadian government prevent consumers from getting a good look at what they are handing their hard earned money over for, and nothing is more disappointing than opening up your latest purchase to find nothing but shake and popcorn buds. Fortunately, this wasn't the case with Northern Harvest's Jack Herer.

Jack Herer cannabis bud trichomes grown by Norther HarvestOpening my bottle up revealed several neatly hand-trimmed buds, all of which were of reasonable size. Jack Herer's buds appear fairly fluffy with nice orange pistils highlighting the light green flowers. The trichomes, which are liberally sprinkled throughout the nugs, take on a slightly amber hue and suggest the plant was chopped near the end of the typical harvest window. Overall, Northern Harvest's Jack Herer bag appeal exceeds the expectations I have for weed purchased on the legal market.

Taking a deep sniff of the freshly opened package brings about spicy notes with unmistakable hints of clove that perk up the senses and nearly make me salivate. The last few sativa's I have had the pleasure of trying all imposed sweet, fruity smells, a characteristic I had become quite accustomed to. This almost savory smell caught me by surprise and only increased my anticipation to try it out.

Jack Herer's nose was off to a good start, but sadly, it didn't take long for the hayJack Herer cannabis bud grown by Norther Harvest smell to overpower all of it's positive characteristics. I suspect this is the result of a poor curing practice...whether Northern Harvest rushed this out of the door too quickly is anyone's guess, but none-the-less it's an unfortunate fact that is all too common with the legal weed available in Canada. With any luck, these poor curing practices will be a thing of the past once the licensed producers catch up with the demand of the market.

Loading up my Fury 2 Dry Herb Vaporizer and taking a deep hit produced a mixed bag of flavours. On one hand, the savory notes mentioned earlier translated very well to the flavour. The warm, clove-like taste reminded me of eating a bowl full of comfort food...this would be great for staring out the window on a rainy day, I thought to myself. But just as I was beginning to feel in-tune with this strain, that pesky hay flavor popped it's head in to say hello. The experience wasn't entirely ruined, though I couldn't help but feel that there was a lot of lost potential here.

As I sat in my chair pondering the smell and taste of Northern Harvest's Jack Herer, the high slowly washed over me. I felt a strong cerebral stimulation and a distinct sense of euphoria that only a good sativa can provide. With a little bit of focus, Jack Herer's indica side of the family became apparent. The lightness in my arms and legs wasn't overpowering, but I did have fun feeling the indica effects come and go at my pleasure by simply focusing on them. Cool, I thought to myself, mostly sativa with a side of indica...but only when I want!

Jack Herer cannabis bud grown by Norther HarvestAll things considered, Northern Harvest's Jack Herer slightly exceeds mediocrity. The buds are on the upper end of the bag appeal spectrum (at least on the legal market). And the stone is a lot of fun...it seems Jack Herer's ratio of sativa to indica is rather unique, leading to a very fluid high that can be played with a bit. But that damned hay characteristic really mutes it's most promising aspects. Don't let me scare you off, though, the effects alone make this one worth trying.

THC: 13.95%
CBD: 0.034%

Score: 3.5/5

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