Lola Montes (Hash Plant) by Edison Cannabis Co. | Review

Lola Montes (Hash Plant) Buds by Edison Cannabis Co.


Lola Montes, Edison Cannabis Co.'s take on the classic Hash Plant weed strain is a mediocre offering currently available on the Canadian recreational market. Although Edison Cannabis Co. has taken steps to ensure their product reaches the consumer in as fresh a state as possible (via the inclusion of humidity packs in their bottles), the product sorely lacks in some key areas.

Up Close macro of Lola Montes (Hash Plant) trichomes grown by Edison Cannabis Co. The Lola Montes (Hash Plant) grown by Edison Cannabis Co. invokes a well defined scent of spice and cloves. There is not even a hint of your typical skunk-y cannabis smell, and the odor does not permeate throughout a room. None of this is a bad thing, however, there is also a hint of a musty, hay-like smell which could be the result of a poor cure, or lack of an airtight seal in it's container. In addition to this, the nose could be accurately described as muted, or simply lacking...something.

And continuing with our theme of mediocrity is Lola Montes' taste. The only draw on my Healthy Rips Fury 2 Dry Herb Vape with any desirable taste (spicy and hashy) was the first, after that, all I could taste was a musty mess. I haven't actually smoked this one, so if you have, please chime in and let us know how the taste is.

Close up macro of Lola Montes (Hash Plant) buds by Edison Cannabis Co.Not all is bad with Edison's Lola Montes, though. Despite the looks, smell, and taste, Lola Montes does deliver when it comes to effects. The effects seem to creep up over a period of 10 to 15 minutes, and once they reached their peak, I felt as if I was fusing with my couch. The indica qualities are in-your-face strong, and it would've taken a house fire for me to leave my spot in front of the tv (that, or possibly running out of snacks). Lola Montes' potency is one of it's seemingly lacking good qualities, and until you know how it affects you (especially beginners), don't have anything planned for at least a couple of hours after consumption. 

So, should you buy Lola Montes (Hash Plant) by Edison Cannabis Co.? It's tough for me to say because I think there was a lot of potential here, but no, Lola Montes should be skipped. If, however, your local shop has nothing else to offer, then this will get the trick done, just don't expect to be impressed.

THC: 16.9%
CBD: 0.07%

Score: 2/5

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