Pink Kush by San Rafael '71 | Review

Pink Kush cannabis buds grown by San Rafael '71 on white background with StashhBox Watermark

Unless you have been living under a rock, you've likely heard of San Rafael '71 by now, and for good reason, San Rafael '71 has been consistently providing the Canadian recreational market with top shelf cannabis since the flood gates were open in October of 2018. Their take on Pink Kush is no exception, SR '71 has taken this highly coveted strain and grown it to perfection, effectively raising the bar of what consumers can expect from licensed producers in 2019.Pink Kush's sparking trichomes in a sea of green, highlighted by purple patches and orange wisps. Aesthetically, Pink Kush is more appealing than the majority of strains currently available on the Canadian recreational market. The buds were large and well manicured, and as seems to be the norm with SR '71 products, there was no popcorn buds included in my purchase. The shiny glisten of the densely distributed trichomes screamed "I am have been warned". 

And as if that delightful shimmer wasn't warning enough, the potent smell will infiltrate the nostrils of anyone in the same room with a siren-like lure, calling all who are brave enough to sample it's potent offerings. Citrus is the dominant scent of this phenotype, with equally strong hints of skunk and wisp of pine. It's clear that San Rafael '71 nurtured this plant in a way that promoted terpene development, and with that being said, if you are in a position in which you need to prevent the cannabis odour from permeating the entire room, you had better be confident in the smell proofing capabilities of your storage solution (as a side note, our StashhJar is a great way to reduce odour leakage).

By now, it is unlikely you need me to tell you thaPink Kush cannabis bud grown by Canadian Licensed Producer San Rafael '71t Pink Kush's flavour is impeccable, too. The first draw on my Healthy Rips Fury 2 Vaporizer was sweet and citrusy...not unlike a clementine or mandarin orange. As the session proceeded, the pinene and beta-myrcene terpenes became front and center, leading to that trademark piney/skunky taste that cannabis is so well known for. A well-grown strain of cannabis should impart strong flavours throughout the entire session, and San Rafael's Pink Kush hits that nail square on the head.

Although San Rafael '71's Pink Kush is technically a hybrid strain, users will quickly discover that it's lineage is heavily indica dominant. It's effects are very, very heavy...a fact that needs to be kept in mind by anybody rolling this one up for a toke. Even light sessions have been so profoundly couch locking (and appetite stimulating) that on more than one occasion I caught myself thinking "So this is what they make adult diapers for...". All jokes aside, the high from Pink Kush is weighty and euphoric. Don't plan on doing anything other than sitting on the couch with a ridiculous smile on your face, and be sure to have numerous snacks nearby because the journey to the kitchen will be tough.

San Rafael '71 has really set a benchmark with Pink Kush. In Alberta, SR '71's Pink Kush is priced at a premium, however, this is one of those rare exceptions in which the price is justified.  Any indica lovers who see this on their local shelves should pick it up my experience, it goes out of stock quickly. 

THC: 21.88%
CBD: 0.03%

Score: 5/5

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