Laced Weed | How to Tell if Your Weed is Laced

Bearded man exhales smoke after taking a hit from a cannabis joint

We've all been there's a beautiful summer evening, you just picked up some really dank weed from a new "guy" your buddy introduced you to, and it's finally time to roll one up and fire it off. It's not until you exhale the final hit from your joint that you realize just how high you actually are, and then it dawns on you. This new guy I bought weed from, can he be trusted? I can't remember ever being this high, is this weed laced?

Before you know it, that tiny spark of paranoia grows into an out-of-control blaze of anxiety and you have a full blown panic attack. But are these thoughts justified? Do dealers really lace weed? And if they do, how can you tell if your weed is laced?

A mysterious man with a rather ominous appearance offers a lit marijuana jointIf you found yourself here because you are concerned that your weed is laced, take a deep breath, relax, and find comfort in the fact that confirmed cases of laced weed are few and far much so, in fact, that I was unable to find a single case (with indisputable evidence) while performing research for this article. So, is your paranoia justified? I'd bet no every single time, the biggest reason being (besides my inability to find satisfactory proof of this occurring) that weed is already really good at selling itself...just look at the thousands of young, inexperienced entrepreneurs who launch successful businesses every single year with nothing more than a scale, some baggies, and a little bit of pot their Uncle fronted them.

Just for fun, lets dive into this idea of "laced weed" a little bit further. One can safely assume that a dealers motivation behind lacing their weed is purely one of greed. Whether the laced weed provides a subjectively better high, or the user becomes physically addicted, the end result is the buyer returning to that dealer for more. In todays market, there is no better drug to achieve that "better" high or physical addiction than fentanyl. 

Fentanyl, an opioid with a "what the heck were they thinking when they designed this stuff" level of potency is shockingly cheap, relatively easy to smuggle due to its aforementioned strength, and capable of producing profound euphoria and physical addiction. From a business point of view, it's the perfect adulterant. But, despite these shamefully attractive qualities, there hasn't been a single confirmed case of fentanyl laced weed out in the wild.

If dealers aren't lacing their weed with fentanyl, it's unlikely they are lacing it with anything else. It simply doesn't make economic sense. Regardless, lets pretend that laced weed really was a common thing. How can you tell if your weed is laced? Unfortunately, none of the following methods are foolproof, but they may at least ease your mind if you find yourself in an uncomfortable thought loop surrounding the idea. 

Fully dilated pupilFirst, if I was concerned that I had smoked laced weed, I would check my pupils. Although weed can affect pupil size on it's own, it would be unusual for it to have as profound an effect as other drugs. If your pupils are completely dilated (and I mean completely, see the photos), then it's possible your weed was adulterated with a stimulant or a hallucinogenic. If your pupils are pinpoint (once again, I mean literally the size of pins, see the photos) then your weed could have been laced with an opioid.Fully constricted pupil

Another method I'd suggest to use if you think your weed has been laced would be to take a simple urine drug test. Most of your local smoke shops will carry such a test, and even if it is only good after the fact, a negative result for everything but THC should help ease your mind. Obviously, this only works if you haven't been using other drugs. Keep in mind that these tests do show false positives from time to time. If you haven't used any other drugs, and the test shows positive for something besides THC, it may be wise to speak with your family Dr. 

Nowadays, there is very little excuse to be buying black market weed in the first place. I don't think it is uncommon for people to get a little bit higher than they intended and then have their thoughts feed them a terrifying tale of tainted drugs. If this is a recurring theme for you, do yourself a favour and buy your weed legally...if nothing else, the peace of mind it provides is worth it.

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