Weed Kit Essentials

Weed kit including green vape, black grinder, and metallic storage tin with a carrying case


If you are anything like me, one of the most exciting parts about cannabis is building your own weed kit. Whether you're browsing the shelves of you local head shop, or surfing the endless waves of the web, you are sure to never run out of items to add to your own personal weed kit.

Some things are obvious, and are certainly included in the vast majority of weed kits out there (like papers, for instance). Others have floated under the radar for quite some time, and although they may not be as popular, they are indisputably just as useful. And remember, all of our StashhBoxes include lots of space to store your weed kit essentials. Without further ado:

Number 1: Hemp Wicks

The first time I saw hemp wicks in my local pot shop, I had no idea what they were for. They came in a big ball, not unlike the balls of yarn you often see cat's playing with in the childhood cartoons of our youth. It was arball of beeswax coated hemp wick with rastafarian brandingound Christmas when I first noticed the hemp wick for sale, and I honestly thought it was for tying around Christmas presents (just like ribbon...yes, I might smoke entirely too much weed). With my interest piqued, I asked the cashier what they were for. She explained that they elevate your smoking experience by not contaminating the flavour of your hit with butane or sulphur fumes. I tried one out that evening and she was right...the flavours of my toke were less muted. Ever since that day, hemp wicks have been one of my weed kit essentials. I like these ones because of the cool lighter contraption that is included.

Number 2: Two-Way Humidity Packs

The next weed kit essential is something that has been gaining a lot of traction lately...the two-way humidity pack. The only thing worse than bone dry weed is overly damp weed. Not only does it burn poorly, it's also at risk of developing harmful mold and bacteria. 

Boveda makes the best two-way humidity pack on the market, and if they aren't in your weed kit already, you need to add them ASAP.Boveda two-way humidity control pack 4 gram 62% Throw one of these in a sealed jar with your buds and watch as they work their magic. Boveda packs go to work right away, releasing moisture or removing it on the fly. I've thrown a Boveda pack in with weed that was so dry it crumbled when I simply looked at it, and in the morning the weed was sticky, fragrant, and perfectly moist. We recommend using Boveda packs in all of our StashhJars. If they aren't already in your weed kit, buy some right now and experience the difference.


Number 3: Smoke Buddy

Ideally, as adults, we don't need to hide out cannabis use anymore. However, if it's impoRed Smoke Buddy in rasta colored packagingrtant for you to keep the smell to yourself, ditch the the homemade tricks you Macgyver-ed when you were a teenager and buy a Smoke Buddy for your weed kit. Simply exhale through the convenient mouthpiece and sit back in amazement as the pungent smell of your cannabis remains trapped inside. The smoke buddy works surprisingly well whether you are vaping or smoking. Personally, I prefer the travel sized version, but there is also a larger version for your weed kit if you are a heavy consumer. 

Number 4: Rolling Machine

There is a lot to be said about rolling a joint. It's such a personal, intimate ritual that is the highlight of cannabis consumption for many people. With that being said, though, there are often days where we want to relax on the couch with a perfectly rolled joint without having to put in the effort required for such a masterpiece.

RAW 79 mm 1 1/4 Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine

Enter the rolling machine, an essential part of everybody's weed kit. Simply chop up your weed using the technique of your choice, sprinkle it evenly across the rolling machine, and roll your paper through. Voila! Perfectly rolled joint without all the effort. Add one of these to your weed kit today. I have had good luck with this standard size 70mm roller.

Number 5: Portable Rolling Tray

Everybodies weed kit has a rolling tray (and our StashhBox includes a really good one), but does your weed kit have a portable rolling tray? Fairly new to the market is the Case On It portable rolling tray. This unique product unfolds into a small
tray for you to work your magic on-the-go. When you are finished, simply fold it back up and slip it into your pocket. The tiny built in magnets will keep the tray folded, and even ensure any leftover buds don't spill out into your Levi's pockets. Available with several designs (including a hilarious penis-going-into-a-vagina design), the Case On It Portable Rolling Tray deserves a spot in your weed kit.

Love weed? Do you know how to store it properly? Check out What Should I Store my Weed In? in Caring for your Cannabis.

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