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Elevate Your Cannabis Storage to the Next Level

Meticulously designed with the cannabis consumer in mind, every StashhBox features a rack to fit our signature StashhJars, as well as a cozy space to store your favorite cannabis tools and accessories.

Each of the included StashhJars comfortably holds between 7g and 14g (1/4oz and 1/2oz) of your favorite buds. The included Boveda packs actively release or absorb moisture to ensure your buds are maintained at the perfect humidity level. Never doubt whether your cannabis is within the optimal storage environment again...a quick glance at the hygrometer built into the StashhJar lids lets you know when it's time to replace your Boveda packs.

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  • The Daily Toker 2.0 | 3-Strain Pine Stash Box with Magnetic Wood Rolling Tray | Weed Box | StashhBox | 3018
    Pine StashhBox 2.0 with exotic hardwood dot inlays
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