StashhRack holding three small Stashhjars
StashhRack holding three small StashhJars
Left angled view of StashhRack holding three Small StashhJars
Right angled view of StashhRack holding 3 Small StashhJars
Top view of StashhRack holding 3 Small StashhJars
Overhead view of a StashhRack with no jars.
Bottom view of StashhRack with StashhBox logo.

StashhRack | Cannabis Spice Rack | Marijuana Storage Rack | Handmade | 3-Strain Storage | (SE)

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Premium storage and display for your expertly curated cannabis collection

What a time to be alive! In the last decade, cannabis connoisseurs around the world have enjoyed a remarkable change in the stigma surrounding their hobby. Once a back alley, keep-it-on-the-low subject, cannasseurs can now safely (and proudly) display their finest weed with style. A great conversation starter, the 3 jar StashhRack stores and maintains up to three of your favorite strains. Perfect for a well rounded collection consisting of an indica strain, sativa strain, and hybrid strain. 

Handmade in Calgary, Alberta

Every StashhRack is handmade in the beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta. Built with Canadian Pine and accented with various exotic hardwoods, feel good knowing you are doing your part supporting a sustainable and eco-friendly product. 


  • Handmade in Calgary, Alberta from Canadian Pine and assorted exotic hardwoods
  • Three slots perfectly sized for our Small StashhJar
  • Includes 3 Small StashhJars, each capable of storing and maintaining up to 14g of cannabis
  • Includes 3 Boveda packs to ensure your cannabis remains as fresh as the day you bought it for weeks to come
  • Complimentary rolling tips included